PPC Classroom Relaunch!

PPC Classroom 2.0 is about to relaunch their hit training course on February 24th, 2009. Amit Mehta’s original PPC Classroom initially came onto the market back in September 2007 and was a massive hit that shattered many sales records and it’s is well documented all over the internet from many satisfied students. Since that release, thousands have been taught the secrets of how to earn consistent affiliate commissions using pay per click search marketing. With this new launch, it is expected to set even more records of success! You’ll find 9 training modules along with 3 videos and various PDF files in the course materials.
What should be noted, PPC Classroom 2 is in fact a service delivered online and you can expect ongoing training via teleseminars and further PPC training modules each month. Before you think “Oh not another subscription service”, Amit and Anik have established themselves as some of the most reputable business people online and the training they offer is second to none. They have developed the most comprehensive guide to keyword research that I’ve seen in any product of this type. They pretty much spills all their sneaky tactics to digging for keywords, going wide on long tail terms and finding bizarre search terms that you probably would have never even looked at.
PPC Classroom 2 is an amazing solution for a person who wants to learn from someone who has been very successful with Adwords and pay per click marketing. Amit now earns $2.4 million/year from his PPC business, but it wasn’t always like that. Actually, he was $20,000 in debt and stuck working in a $1600/month job while he was in graduate school. A rock solid PPC training program that is easy to follow by beginners to the online world is very much required and Amit’s success story is evidently inspiring. Amit has earned the title of PPC marketing master due to the incredible earnings he was able to pull in the internet marketing arena.
Here’s a few major points brought up in the last 3 months in the PPC Classroom forum:
Students gaining more freedom to do the things they want
A student actually saved himself from getting EVICTED
Learned secret PPC tactics they would have never even imagined
In Total, the student membership now earn a cumulative $4,234,789/Year. Amazing the PPC Classroom 2.0 online course, Amit will share all his secrets of PPC marketing, optimization, and expensive mistakes learned from PPC advertising journey to earning over $2 million. He doesn’t hold anything back and his teaching is frank and to the point. For example, he teaches when to do direct linking and when to drive traffic to landing pages (within PPC Classroom 2, he will supply professionally created landing pages). The most inspiring element from his course is, Amit started the same way most of us marketers do – with a low $5 daily budget and systematically building it to the ultra profitable PPC business he has now. Click Here for more information on PPC Classroom 2.0 .

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