Digital Marketing Still On The Rise

With the Internet now being considered a mainstream medium and one that has become integrated into the marketing of the vast majority of companies we have seen a steady increase in spend in this area. What is noteworthy is the increased share that digital media has over that of it’s more traditional forms of marketing, these areas such as TV and newspaper advertising and continuing to decrease in popularity and spend.

More companies are also investing in mobile marketing, with more and more of us using mobile devices to access the internet it’s not surprising that this is an area of marketing growth. Research has shown that people dont’ mind digital advertising as long at it is relevant and helpful. So if you are on a blog site all about running for example, seeing digital ad’s for running shoes would be seen as acceptable by the readers of that blog.

What many businesses need to remember though is that simply transferring their marketing from offline to online isn’t quite as straightforward as they might hope. Most traditional methods of advertising are what we call ‘push’ methods, where we push our products and services into peoples paths in the hope that they might be interested in what we have to sell. Online we need to consider how buyer behaviour differs, how decisions are made and also how to get found using SEO methods.

What we have been seeing is a much more integrated approach to campaigns by combining offline marketing with an online campaign to try and leverage a wider audience. Many TV ad’s will have the company’s Facebook page address displayed or will say “search *******” to encourage you to look for and find their website.

Remarketing is also an area that has grown over the last few years, we now have the ability to ‘follow’ potential customers from website to website, sometimes without them even really noticing it. This is a way of trying to keep that person engaged with your company in the hope that they will come back and make a purchase, or pick up the phone or whatever else it is you want them to do.

Who knows what we will see change over the next year, things are moving increasingly quickly and with social media almost dictating the future of digital marketing we will just have to wait and see what the masses have in store for us.

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