Critical Techniques for Great Landing Page Quality Scores

The whole idea behind landing page quality score is to penalize those who put up crappy landing pages. Google gives them a lower quality score, which in turn raises the cost of their minimum CPC.
More importantly for those of us who are already striving to produce quality sites and landing pages, a better quality score will lead to better rankings for our ads and a lower CPC.
So, how do you get a better landing page quality score?
Google considers three things when they are looking at the quality score for a landing page. The first is relevant and original content, followed by transparency and then navigability.The following steps will help you to get good quality scores from Google, while also achieving a high conversion rate
Relevant and Original Content
To start, make sure your domain name is relevant to your market. For your landing pages, make sure that each keyword you have, you have a separate landing page. Make sure they the keyword is in the URL, such as “springgardens.php” if your keyword is “spring gardens”.Your title tag, meta keywords and meta description all must have the page keyword contained within them.
You also need to create original content for each of your landing pages. This is especially important for affiliate marketers, as there could be hundreds of landing pages promoting the same product.Simply making your content different from that of your vendor will definitely go a long way to help you increase your quality score over that of your competition. Most of whom will just use verbatim the content from the vendor.
For transparency, make sure to link to a valid sitemap, contact us page, and privacy policy page. What Google wants to see is that you openly share information about your business, and how your business operates.
When you ask for information from people when visiting your site, be sure to provide a privacy policy to inform them about how thier information will be utilized.Other good ideas you want to consider are limiting the amount of information that they receive from you and giving them the option to opt out of correspondence. Remember, nobody likes spam. Google likes to see users given the choice of how their information is used.
An obvious aspect of transparency is by delivering on the products and services that you offer in your ad, and to only charge customers for the products and services that they actually order and successfully receive.Even though your site may imply this it still can be a big help to say it somewhere on your landing page. It will both raise your quality score with Google as well as put your users at ease.
Google wants to see a clear path to follow on your landing pages, making it easy for users to purchase or receive the product or service you’ve advertised – which is exactly what you want too.Stay clear of using pop unders and pop-ups and other techniques that detract from a good user experience on your landing pages.
Now that you’ve got great landing pages with great quality scores, you can then turn your attention to your Adwords campaign. By matching the best keywords with your customized landing pages, you can maximize conversions and minimize your CPCs, resulting in a bigger profit margin for you.

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