Choose Pay Per Click Companies

Choose Appropriate Pay Per Click Management Companies
Please consider following issues

1. How much they understand Pay Per Click features and how they use it. Some of the most important features will make ad campaigns target broader but more precise, make bidding strategies more effective, make campaigns more controllable, etc.

2. How much they understand your business, how they evaluate (or consult) your business, with fully understand and coordinate your business, will create effective ads, decrease ineffective clicks, increase conversions and revenue.

3. Are they ready to develop your business to higher level? With tracking and analyzing your Pay Per Click campaign performance, if you ask, they would suggest you something immediately, such as website improvement, sales policies changing, necessity of using other marketing programs, such as search engine optimization etc.

Above three issues will involve
Campaign creation and analysis
Keyword research and selection
CPA minimization and conversion rate improvement
Automation and efficiency, budget control.
Landing page creation and optimization
Rich media ad creation and brand awareness improvement
Ad networking and distribution channels using
Create effective ads and decrease cost
Evaluating and consulting business and website
Plus following
Companies’ technology and innovation
Companies’ history and reputation, testimonial
Companies’ review and reference
Companies’ certification/membership
Fees companies charge
Companies’ help and support

Pay Per Click Companies Certification

ADWORDS The Google AdWords Certification Program is a globally recognized stamp of approval which showcases knowledge of the latest AdWords tools and best practice techniques. To become Google Certificated Partners, a company must have managed at least a US $10,000 spend over 90 days.

MICROSOFT ADEXCELLENCE The Microsoft adExcellence program is the official accreditation program that gives advertisers the opportunity to become a Microsoft adCenter expert. The program offers both free training materials and a fee-based examination, thus providing adCenter advertisers the ability to gain valuable adCenter knowledge and demonstrate their expertise.

YAHOO! AMBASSADOR The Sponsored Search Ambassador Program is designed to meet the needs of high-performing SEMs and other resellers who develop and maintain Yahoo! search advertising campaigns for their clients. Developed for those managing Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts on behalf of clients and achieve an aggregate spend of at least $10,000 per month, Yahoo! provides dedicated account management, free custom proposals for clients, sales collateral and more. There are two levels: Ambassador and Certified Ambassador.

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