10 Top Traffic Alternatives to Pay Per Click Advertising

You just got started online, you have a new website and need to drive traffic fast. If fast traffic is what you want, PPC will do that for you.
But wait, you don’t have the budget for PPC just yet… maybe later when sales start to come in?
I have put together this list of proven traffic strategies, perfect for webmasters on a budget or business owners who want to drive traffic to their sites but don’t know how. These may not cost you money but would certainly need an investment in time and effort.
1. Create a Facebook account, and build your network, target people who have the same interests. Having a big list of contacts who share your interests are a captive audience for your messages. Just make sure not to hard sell or spam. Build the relationship, gain their trust. You are there to help them and not to sell them. Permission marketing at its best.
2. Create a Twitter account and build your network, also people who have the same interests. This tool is by far the fastest way to generate contacts on the digital realm. Plus, you get 100% deliverability of your message. Let’s face it, people hate opening email today, unlike a decade ago when it was a joy; people are so bombarded with spam messages which is why your message may either fall victim to spam filters built into their email client, or simply get overlooked by your recipients irate over all the spam they get when they open their inbox.
3. Join forums and bulletins where you can interact with other members, and get to post links. Forums are generally communities on cyberspace, each community bound by common interests and topics. Find the community which you believe your market to reside, and blend in, interact, share, build your relationship, earn trust, score some points for your product or service.
4. Post ads on classified ads sites (craigslist is one, US freeads, and others). Now seriously, do I need to explain classifieds? Well, they work pretty much like the daily paper, only thing is, it’s on the internet.
5. Take advantage of social sites. Create accounts on social sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Tumblr; on blogs like WordPress.com and Blogger.com, publish more useful articles, and link them to your main website.
Go to Social Marker and create accounts on all the bookmarking sites it submits to, then bookmark your site and posts. Social bookmarking sites are one category of the Web 2.0 phenomena. User Generated Content (USG) has taken center stage with websites providing more interaction and even near immediate exchanges between host and visitor, or visitors and other visitors. Social bookmarking sites allows its members to bookmark their favorites websites and webpages, for other members to see and check out.
6. Create a YouTube account and upload videos of you promoting your product. I always remember that one client who a couple of years ago told me that video marketing and video as a social medium was just hype. You think?
Let’s face it, communication, instruction and learning, entertainment… advertising, the one thing they have in common, video as the medium. Your videos will have a link to your website, capturing an interested viewing audience and sending them to your offer.
7. Do article marketing, write helpful and informative articles that relate to the market you are in or the product or service you offer. Try to keep this articles short, people are busy and on the internet, they want information that they can take action on, and finish reading quickly. A 500-600 article is ideal, not too long yet concise enough to resolve a certain issue. Submit these articles to article directories like ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com, articledashboard.com or goarticles.com. Be sure to link from those articles to your website.
8. Do blog commenting, try not to spam, contribute valuable info to the blog post, subscribe to high traffic blogs via RSS so as soon as you see a blog you are subscribed to has a new post, be sure to be the first to make a comment.
9. Everytime you have something new to offer, or you have something newsworthy that might be good to publicize, write a press release and submit to free press release websites like www.free-press-release.com and www.pr-inside.com.
10. Create an RSS feed on your site, and submit that feed and the RSS feeds of your social sites and blogs to RSS feed directories.
Remember that each time you upload something to any web property, be sure to go to www.pingomatic.com and ping those new pages, then go to Social Marker and bookmark each of them on Social Bookmarking sites.
Then ping the pages on the bookmarking sites which have those links, and then later bookmark the newly created bookmarking pages, and then ping those new bookmarked pages which have those new bookmark links.

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